Tips for Breaking Into the High-End Market


Success in the luxury market isn’t just about confidence and who you know. The best agents understand the market and the industry.

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals have their own networking and lead generation strategies, but most believe that they can “will” their luxury market success into being – whether that means following up with a potential home buyer that initially ghosted you or entering the room with a confidence you may not feel.

Dina Goldentayer, the top Miami-based Douglas Elliman agent, says, “I mean, you have to fake it until you make it.” Others say putting your genuine self forward will always win clients over.

However, agents caution that it isn’t just about confidence and networking. Successful agents should know the real estate business and understand the luxury market to be successful.

Additionally, successful agents should review their financial goals, explore how many deals are needed to reach those goals and understand how many buyers will help them meet those targets. Agents also need to understand who the competition is and how they can meet the needs of the potential buyer better than the competing firm.

Source: HousingWire (03/01/24) Han, Brooklee

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