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Florida Leads in Housing Boom to Ease Shortage

WASHINTON –The United States has added almost 5 million housing units since 2020, most heavily in the South and most of them single-family homes, making a housing shortage look conquerable in much of the nation. Still, even more homes need to be built, especially single-family homes, experts say, and continuing high interest rates are hurting … Read more

Luxury Buyers Lead in All-Cash Sales

Nearly 50% of luxury homes purchased from December to February were all-cash sales because wealthy buyers have more financial flexibility. LOS ANGELES — Well-heeled home shoppers are increasingly paying cash, helping turbo-charge price gains for the most expensive U.S. homes. The median sale price of luxury homes, or those valued in the top 5% of … Read more

Define and Deploy Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing helps create a strong online presence, which is essential to buyers who use the internet. The first step to making great videos is getting past fear.  CHICAGO – Just like 360-degree tours, using video as part of your overall marketing strategy isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. Video marketing is the cornerstone … Read more

California Man Develops Unusual Squatter Solution

LOS ANGELES — On a winter morning in Woodland Hills, the “Squatter Hunter” slowly approaches a posh two-story home dressed in all black, armed with a Glock 26 pistol, stun gun, pepper spray and baton. His body camera is on. His two-man squad lurks behind him. They’ve spent four days in surveillance, learning the habits … Read more

Features That Make a Home an Outdoor Haven

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Homeowners and potential buyers are looking for features that allow them to enjoy the outside of their homes as much as the inside. Among them are backyard pickleball courts and weather-resistant landscaping. NEW YORK – As spring approaches, more homeowners are sizing up their outdoor space and making plans to ensure every square inch counts. … Read more

Tips for Breaking Into the High-End Market

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Success in the luxury market isn’t just about confidence and who you know. The best agents understand the market and the industry. NEW YORK – Real estate professionals have their own networking and lead generation strategies, but most believe that they can “will” their luxury market success into being – whether that means following up … Read more

New Homes Carve Out Separate Quarters

MIAMI – With the cost of homes out of reach for many families, developers in South Florida are now adding annexes to new construction, allowing relatives to live under the same roof. The extra space comes with a room or two and its own kitchen, much like those in-law quarters added to older homes. The built-in apartments … Read more

South Florida Buyers, Renters to See Positive 2024 Changes

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MIAMI – Homebuyers and renters are in luck. Real estate experts predict you can expect better deals in South Florida in 2024. Thanks to a slowdown in home sales and a growing supply of residences – especially high-rises – it’ll be a good time to rent or buy, the forecasters say. Prices will lower slightly, … Read more

How Do You Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent?

Gathering a professional network that includes peers and a mentor is a crucial first step. Personal brands should also be adjusted to showcase your new specialty. MEMPHIS, Tenn. – For real estate agents hoping to eventually carve out a career in the luxury niche, assembling a professional network that includes peers – and, ideally, a … Read more

Forming a Dream Team: Super-Sized or Niche-Focused?

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A super-sized team ups the chances that someone can handle any buyer that comes your way, but a niche-focused team can dominate a specific market area. NEW YORK – Real estate teams are flexing their might in today’s market, using economies of scale to gain a competitive edge. As agents consider switching to this model, … Read more