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Bring Purpose Back to Your Brokerage

“I’m going to do this better,” brokers say when starting a new business, but that purpose can get lost in day-to-day operations. Is it time to bring it back? NEW YORK – As the marketplace slows, it’s essential to pause and think about new strategies. As the backbone for everything that comes next, a brokerage should … Read more

7 Non-Salesy Reasons to Contact Your Database

Since people love friends and generally avoid salespeople, a call to “check in,” or an “I stopped by with this small gift” makes you seem more like a friend. NEW YORK – A prime source of leads for real estate professionals is their database list of previous clients. Many agents hesitate to call clients because … Read more

Hope to Buy a Canadian Home? Wait Two Years

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TORONTO – On January 1, 2023, the Canadian government’s Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act (the Act) and the associated Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Regulations (the Regulations) came into effect. The Act prohibits “non-Canadians” – which, by virtue of the Regulations, includes entities formed outside of … Read more

Report: Housing Market Has Started to Recover

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While the phrase “not out of the woods yet” is still used, Redfin economists say the market probably hit its cycle-low trough the second week of Nov. 2022. SEATTLE – The housing market has begun to recover after hitting a low point in the second week of November, according to a report from Redfin. The … Read more

Marketing Tip: Go for the Easy ‘Wins’

The “easy wins” don’t result in immediate leads, but simple marketing – such as optimizing social media network profiles – can be the bedrock of long-term success. NEW YORK – In a challenging market, real estate professionals should make sure they’re focusing on easy “wins,” such as optimizing their profiles across agent-based and social media … Read more

Turn One Listing Into Five or Six Sales

An open house is a listing generator. Network with potential clients during the open house, but also canvas the neighborhood beforehand and meet the neighbors. NEW YORK – Open houses should be seen as listing lead generators. In addition to advertising a current listing, it gives agents an opportunity to meet the neighbors, pick up … Read more

Recruiting Better Agents Starts with Research

Bernice Ross says an agent’s job description is short: “Generate leads, convert leads, close transactions” – and a lot can be discovered before an interview. NEW YORK – Bernice Ross, president and CEO of BrokerageUP and, offered advice in a recent column for vetting top agent talent. Ross emphasizes steps a broker should take … Read more

What Social Media Platform Works Best for You?

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Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter: Agents can spend hours on social media, but often one or two platforms work best to create a balance for time spent securing leads. NEW YORK – Which social media platform should an agent use to expand their business? To choose the best platform, real estate agents should consider factors like comfort … Read more

Don’t Cut Service Because Markets Slow

When income drops, business people cut expenses. But in real estate, customer service shouldn’t be reduced as competition heats up. NEW YORK – With the near-time future of real estate still uncertain at the beginning of 2023, agents need to think about changing market conditions and how the brokerage can help them navigate those changes. … Read more

Want a Video to Go Viral? This Might Help

First, what makes you interesting? Videos don’t go viral if speakers can’t connect with their audience. And the videos that fail? They provide valuable lessons. NEW YORK – Real estate agent Matt Lionetti at The Agency says he maximizes his online presence by essentially being himself. “You want to create interesting content for a certain … Read more