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Need New Ways to Reach Clients? Try a Podcast

Agents are creating their own podcasts to share new insights and build their personal and professional brand. It’s easier than you think. NEW YORK – Americans are voracious consumers of podcasts, which makes the technology an appealing option for real estate marketing.  Agents can use this low-cost medium to discuss current market trends, pick the … Read more

How Do You Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent?

Gathering a professional network that includes peers and a mentor is a crucial first step. Personal brands should also be adjusted to showcase your new specialty. MEMPHIS, Tenn. – For real estate agents hoping to eventually carve out a career in the luxury niche, assembling a professional network that includes peers – and, ideally, a … Read more

Don’t Door Knock Empty-Handed | Florida Realtors

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To get past the front door, take value-adds along like handouts with info about local events, home improvement ideas, or other tips. VENTURA, Calif. – While content marketing is the branding strategy of choice for many realty professionals today, others favor the hands-on approach. Going door-to-door, hosting in-person events, and/or making cold calls allows agents … Read more

Experts Discuss AI’s Role in Real Estate

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As artificial intelligence and technology evolve, AI can transform some tasks real estate pros do, like automating marketing or making home showings more efficient. ANAHEIM, Calif. – Experts gathered to discuss the intersection of real estate and the latest technological advancements during the NAR NXT, The Realtor® Experience. The event featured two standout sessions that … Read more

Buyer Representation Not a Thing of the Past

NAR attorneys: Real estate professionals should maintain clear communication with clients about the services they provide and how they get paid. Anaheim, Calif. – The Sitzer/Burnett verdict does not prohibit the practice of making offers of cooperating compensation, NAR attorneys said this week at NAR NXT, The Realtor® Experience. Listing brokers decide how much compensation … Read more

Forming a Dream Team: Super-Sized or Niche-Focused?

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A super-sized team ups the chances that someone can handle any buyer that comes your way, but a niche-focused team can dominate a specific market area. NEW YORK – Real estate teams are flexing their might in today’s market, using economies of scale to gain a competitive edge. As agents consider switching to this model, … Read more

NAR President Responds to Trial Verdict Questions

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Tracy Kasper calls the ruling “disappointing, (but) just one chapter in a longer legal process.” She answers some key questions, including: How does this affect my business? CHICAGO – National Association of Realtors® (NAR) President Tracy Kasper released a series of Q&As based on questions NAR has been receiving since the verdict in the Burnett … Read more

Fla. Insurance Agent Arrested for Stealing Premiums

An apartment complex with Hurricane Ian damage found it didn’t have flood or property insurance because its agent didn’t renew them and pocketed the payments. TAMPA, Fla. – A Florida insurance agent was arrested Monday after a man discovered his property had no coverage after Hurricane Ian, despite paying the premium in full. Naser Al-Sweity, … Read more

Thinking About Dropping Insurance? What to Know

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15%-20% of Fla. homeowners are dropping their property insurance and “going bare,” compared to the national percentage of 12%. MIAMI – With the price of premiums doubling the past few years, some Florida homeowners are choosing to go without property insurance, figuring that the savings are worth the risk of going bare in a hurricane-prone … Read more

How Does a Scammer Choose Vacant Land to Scam?

The scams begin with a hunt through public records for vacant land, an absentee owner and no mortgage. Look for red flags, like a refusal to talk in person. CHICAGO – Real estate professionals should watch for these red flags in the course of the transaction. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center warns that losses … Read more