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Insurers Using Aerial Images to Review Risk

Insurance companies are using aerial photos during the underwriting process to determine if a policy should be renewed. Keep your yard clear of debris. WASHINGTON – It’s a notice no homeowner wants to get: Your insurance company has decided not to renew your policy, effective in 30 days. The reason? Based on aerial photos of … Read more

Building Confidence as a New Agent

The early years as a new agent can be tough, but there are ways to make it more manageable, such as by taking classes and going to events. WASHINGTON — Real estate sales can be one of the most challenging yet most rewarding careers out there. Passing the state exam is hard enough but once … Read more

Stop Micromanaging and Start Leading

Agents can become more confident though leadership that provides guidance, mentorship and support. NEW YORK – Real estate professionals should not micromanage agents on their team, as it can interfere with their job performance and limit creative thinking and independent decision-making that makes agents better advocates for their clients. Agents need the space to leverage … Read more

Trendy Must-Haves That Sell Homes

Modern features, such as soapstone countertops and beverage centers, signal to buyers the home is either new or recently remodeled. NEW YORK – Home buyers are willing to pay more for a backyard decked out with all the bells and whistles. New Zillow research finds homes equipped with an outdoor TV command 3.1% more than … Read more

Define and Deploy Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing helps create a strong online presence, which is essential to buyers who use the internet. The first step to making great videos is getting past fear.  CHICAGO – Just like 360-degree tours, using video as part of your overall marketing strategy isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. Video marketing is the cornerstone … Read more

California Man Develops Unusual Squatter Solution

LOS ANGELES — On a winter morning in Woodland Hills, the “Squatter Hunter” slowly approaches a posh two-story home dressed in all black, armed with a Glock 26 pistol, stun gun, pepper spray and baton. His body camera is on. His two-man squad lurks behind him. They’ve spent four days in surveillance, learning the habits … Read more

See the World’s First Health-Focused Home

MIAMI – A new sugar cube house sits in a slice of Miami called Silver Bluff, a sleepy residential neighborhood between Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. Rising above land on stilts and a roof adorned with solar panels, it stands out in a neighborhood filled with houses surrounded by chain-link fences and pitched rooftops with … Read more

Why Isn’t the Listing Broker in Violation of Article 3?

A listing broker allowed unaccompanied buyers to tour properties without the seller’s authorization. The broker was found in violation of Article 1, but isn’t this also an Article 3 violation? ORLANDO, Fla. – Dear Shannon: I’m a broker with a good size brokerage office and a fair number of sales associates. During our weekly meeting, … Read more

How Can I Protect Against Wire Transfer Scams?

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Since bank wires remain the preferred method of closing escrow on a real estate transaction, the best protection is to be overly cautious. MIAMI – Question: I am buying a house and have been warned about the various scams, especially those involving wires. I spoke with the closing agent, and they will not accept a … Read more

Tips for Breaking Into the High-End Market

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Success in the luxury market isn’t just about confidence and who you know. The best agents understand the market and the industry. NEW YORK – Real estate professionals have their own networking and lead generation strategies, but most believe that they can “will” their luxury market success into being – whether that means following up … Read more