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Feds to Look at Small-Biz Lending Bias

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Banks have tracked data such as race and geography for decades on residential loans, and they’ll soon do it for small biz loans to identify any discrimination bias. NEW YORK (AP) – Banks will need to start reporting the demographics and income of small business loan applicants under new rules published by the Consumer Financial … Read more

Ian Survivors with United Ins. Given More Time

Citizens Ins.: Homeowners with Hurricane Ian damage have 90 more days to submit a claim if they were originally covered by now-closed United Property & Casualty. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Property & Casualty (UPC) customers lost coverage when the company went out of business, with many turning to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – the state … Read more

April is Fair Housing Month

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The Fair Housing Act was signed into law 55 years ago this month – 56 years ago, it was legal to redline races and tell protected classes where they could/could not live. WASHINGTON – The month of April is Fair Housing Month, a yearly celebration that same month Pres. Lyndon Johnson signed the Fair Housing … Read more

Why am I in Violation if Everybody Does It?

Dear Shannon: A listing broker allowed a buyer to tour a vacant property they listed for the seller who was out of town. It’s a common practice, everybody does it, and the potential buyer did no harm. Why is this a violation?   ORLANDO, Fla. – Dear Shannon: I’m a listing broker who took a … Read more

GARD 2023: Realtors Take over Tally, Talk Issues

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1,000-plus Realtors traveled to Tallahassee this week and talked to lawmakers about Fla. issues, such as affordable housing, water quality, insurance and more. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – More than a thousand Realtors® descended upon Florida’s capital March 29-31 to be a part of the legislative process and make their voices heard on issues that matter to … Read more

DeSantis Signs ‘Live Local Act’ Into Law

Gov. DeSantis signed SB 102, the broad-based pro-housing bill backed by Florida Realtors, into law on Wed. It “does so many amazing things,” says Pres. Mike McGraw. NAPLES, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 102, known as the “Live Local Act,” on Wednesday morning. The bill creates a comprehensive, statewide workforce housing strategy … Read more

Supreme Court Will Hear Disability Activist Lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether a Fla. woman who filed over 600 lawsuits against hotels has “standing” to sue since she never planned to visit them. WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court will decide whether a disabled activist can file disability rights lawsuits against hotels she doesn’t intend to visit. The high court … Read more

Study: High Number of Buyers Still Move State-to-State

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In Feb., the number of buyers searching listings outside their state dropped 3.6% year-to-year – but those looking locally fell 14.4%. 5 Fla. metros are top go-to spots. SEATTLE – The number of home searchers looking to relocate to a new metro fell 3.6% year-to-year in February, according to a report from Redfin – but … Read more

A Fed Interest Rate Decrease by Summer?

Some Wall Street traders think regional bank weaknesses will harm commercial RE and consumers, the economy will dip, and the Fed will lower interest rates. NEW YORK – Regional lenders are crucial for U.S. economic growth and markets want Fed support before the bank crisis triggers a near-term recession. The Federal Reserve will likely have … Read more

DeSantis Signs Tort Reform Into Law

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The Florida Legislature initiated the changes as a way to cut down on frivolous lawsuits by limiting injury cases, insurance litigation and attorney fees. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis approved major changes Friday to the state’s tort laws, cutting down so-called frivolous lawsuits by limiting injury and insurance litigation and attorney fees. According … Read more