Forming a Dream Team: Super-Sized or Niche-Focused?


A super-sized team ups the chances that someone can handle any buyer that comes your way, but a niche-focused team can dominate a specific market area.

NEW YORK – Real estate teams are flexing their might in today’s market, using economies of scale to gain a competitive edge. As agents consider switching to this model, they must determine whether a niche-based team is ideal for them or if a super team is the best way to go.

Having a hyper-focused specialization – such as a particular property type, geographic area or type of buyer – allows a team to deliver a level of expertise and service that yields high satisfaction levels and breeds loyalty.

Super teams can leverage state-of-the-art technology and a wealth of other resources that, deployed by a deep pool of general agents who handle all kinds of real estate, keep them relevant amid market changes.

According to luxury consultant Chris Pollinger, an agent’s choice of format shouldn’t hinge on numbers – the size of the team or the depth of its market reach, for example. Rather, he writes, the right match is grounded in “shared passion and alignment with the team’s objectives.”

Source: Inman (10/27/23) Pollinger, Chris

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