What Social Media Platform Works Best for You?


Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter: Agents can spend hours on social media, but often one or two platforms work best to create a balance for time spent securing leads.

NEW YORK – Which social media platform should an agent use to expand their business?

To choose the best platform, real estate agents should consider factors like comfort and confidence levels. They should look for a platform that has:

  • Users engaged in the agent’s locale
  • A large audience in their target age range
  • People who want and are looking for what the agent is selling
  • The ability to target potential clients and generate high-quality leads

Facebook is the No. 1 starting point for agents because it boasts a massive pool of users, vast volumes of data, and highly effective and accurate ad targeting.

YouTube has also proved its value by allowing agents to post helpful, valuable and consistent content for generating leads, while its searchability ensures the long-term relevance of that content.

Instagram’s colossal user base and outstanding ad functions make it a great platform for agents, especially those targeting a younger clientele.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is a highly effective marketing tool for agents mainly catering to real estate investors or commercial businesses.

TikTok can also be valuable, although it tends to best support agents with a niche focus, and they should perform extensive testing to find their target audience.

Twitter isn’t conducive to supporting long-lasting relationships between agents and customers despite its popularity, although it is possible to generate leads on the platform.

Source: Realty Biz News (01/03/2023) Parker, Zach

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