Weird 2024 Trends that Will Increase Home Value


If you can tell what’s trending by looking at the words becoming more common in listings, expect demand for brutalism, sensory pathways and cold plunge pools.

NEW YORK – Ready to boost your home value as much as possible? With high mortgage interest rates putting a damper on home prices, now is the time to invest in trends that will add value to your home if you’re looking to sell. And luckily, Zillow has released its annual list of data-driven trends that are likely to boost home values in 2024, from pickleball courts to cold plunge pools.

Analysis of home listings

To determine these trends, Zillow analyzed hundreds of home listings on its platform and identified the keywords that are showing up far more often now than they were a year ago.

“When certain keywords appear in a rising share of listings, it’s a signal that today’s homebuyers may be gravitating toward those features,” Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert, said in a press release. “Real estate agents are uniquely attuned to subtle changes in what buyers want, and they often get a first look at the latest and greatest features going into newly built homes. Savvy listing agents will highlight those trending, in-demand features when marketing a home for sale.”

With that in mind, here are the trends Zillow says will be most likely to add value to homes in 2024:

  • Brutalism: a design style characterized by raw, exposed materials like concrete and steel. Brutalism rose to prominence in the mid-20th century and is making a big comeback now – Zillow saw a 452% increase in listings mentioning the term.
  • Sensory pathways and gardens: designed to engage all the senses and believed to have therapeutic benefits. These functional and beautiful outdoor spaces surged 314% in listings in the last year.
  • Cold plunge pools: the latest trend in wellness. Influencers rave about how they help improve circulation and reduce inflammation, and they’re no longer only found at spas and wellness retreats – DIY and at-home cold plunge pools are all the rage right now. Zillow saw a 130% increase in listings mentioning them.
  • Pickleball courts: a fast-paced paddle sport that’s becoming our national pastime. Pickleball is social, easy to play and low-impact, so it’s been embraced by athletes of all ages. Zillow saw listings mentioning pickleball increase by 64%.
  • Murano glass chandeliers: pricey art pieces made on an Italian island. These bespoke light fixtures are a favorite among designers and Gen Z, and listings featuring them are up by 58%, according to Zillow.
  • Murals: a maximalist design trend that is still in. Murals are popping up in 18% more for-sale homes compared to a year ago.

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