Website ‘Location Pages’ Boost Search Engine Rank


An RE website with tons of local information rises to the top in search engine rankings (SEO). To do that, link to individual web pages via a local-directory page.

EDGARTOWN, Mass. – To form customer connections, agents must build trust and relationships by forming connections with customers. To this end, agents can turn to location-specific search engine optimization (SEO) content.

To raise a profile higher in search engine results and build those connections, a location page, for example, should offer lasting, informative content about an area. That content, among other things, should include general information, top destinations, activities, points of interest and popular neighborhoods.

An agent’s goal is to demonstrate that they’re an authority in that area.

Location pages should provide valuable evergreen information about an area that highlights an entire community rather than a single home. Agents can add information about demographics, local schools, amenities, cultural opportunities and anything else people researching the area may be interested in. They should also mention if the area is urban or rural, and talk about the town or community’s unique personality.

In contrast to the evergreen content that describe an area, the website should also include blog posts that are specific, timely and relevant. They should also strive to achieve a balance: Agents must write for the audience they see as potential customers but also provide immediate value to both local residents and visitors.

To map out a strategy for blog content, agents can examine location-based queries in Search Console and use that data to map out a strategy for blog content. This may include “best of” and “top” lists for neighborhoods and communities, area guides that review restaurants, fun area activities, and timely information like festivals and holiday events.

And one last SEO tool worth mentioning: Attractive images keep readers interested and make a website “stickier.”

Source: Search Engine Land (06/22/23) Jones, Erin

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