Want a Video to Go Viral? This Might Help


First, what makes you interesting? Videos don’t go viral if speakers can’t connect with their audience. And the videos that fail? They provide valuable lessons.

NEW YORK – Real estate agent Matt Lionetti at The Agency says he maximizes his online presence by essentially being himself.

“You want to create interesting content for a certain audience,” he says. “Figure out what is interesting about you.”

Lionetti says his first couple of years as an agent were challenging because he tried to be someone he is not. Eventually, he decided to just have fun, and his first listing video ended up selling the property in eight hours with three offers over asking.

“You can’t post one video that does great and give up when the next one doesn’t do that well,” he says. “Really, the videos that don’t do well are the best because you can start to tailor the content to your audience.”

Lionetti currently focuses on under 15-second reels, and advises other agents to insert a good joke or hook in the first three seconds. With a full video of 15 seconds, he also tries to end it with a cliffhanger.

“People wonder ‘Oh did I miss something?’ Then, they watch it again,” he says. In fact, one of his goals is to get people to watch a video more than once, ideally back-to-back.

“I also like to talk very fast, so if people don’t understand what I’m saying the first time, they have to watch the video like three or four times by design,” he says.

He also notes that “Going ‘live’ once you’ve posted something, even if it is just for a few minutes, will show whoever watches the live feed your other content next.”

Lionetti says he receives many agent referrals and focuses on a niche market. His videos also feature swear words and blunt criticism of some aspects of the industry.

“I never make a video that is going to offend someone or make fun of the way someone looks,” he adds. “I don’t like the type of comedy that makes someone feel bad about themselves.”

Source: RealTrends (12/23/22) Lee, Audrey

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