Top Marketing Tool? A Strong Lead Magnet


A lead is simply “contact info for a potential buyer or seller,” and a top way to get leads is by offering something of value – a “lead magnet” – in exchange for that info.

NEW YORK – Lead magnets are a popular tool for generating leads by offering something of value in return for a potential customer’s contact information.

The ultimate lead-magnet objective is to get contact info, but the lead magnet’s initial goal is to entice visitors to a real estate agent’s website or social media platform. Once there, the offer – ideally – is tempting enough to coax some personal information out of potential clients.

To create effective real estate lead magnets, agents must identify their audience’s pain points, then offer practical and valuable remedies that ease the pain. A lead magnet should also be high quality and easily digestible.

Once the lead magnet is ready, agents should integrate it with their website, promote it across all digital channels, follow up with additional content, and monitor and analyze results to help refine the lead magnet and their general marketing strategy.

Some potentially effective lead magnets include a comprehensive homebuyer’s guide, a home valuation or market analysis report, neighborhood guides, an ROI (return on investment) property calculator, and webinars or video tutorials.

Source: Realty Biz News (06/20/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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