Respond to the Good Reviews Too


It’s almost mandatory to answer a negative review, but it’s almost as important to thank positive reviewers to build an audience and encourage more comments.

NEW YORK – It’s important for real estate professionals to respond to all reviews, both positive and negative. The latter give agents a chance to address concerns that may impact their reputation. It also shows grace in accepting criticism, and allows agents to correct something the client is dissatisfied about.

When responding to a favorable review, agents show website visitors that they appreciate the time a client spent writing the review and that they feel grateful for gracious words and support.

It’s also advantageous for agents to expand their relationship with existing clients because it tells prospective clients that the agent values personal relationships. Future clients also get to see a glimmer of the agent’s personality.

When responding to positive client feedback, agents should take time to personalize their message and, by extension, resist the urge to cut and paste.

The response should always include a thank you for the review. It not only shows that it’s appreciated, but it encourages other clients to do the same. Agents should also note how the compliment feels to them, because emotions help them connect to clients and potential clients on a deeper level. In addition, agents should reply promptly to good reviews to show respect for the reviewer’s time.

Finally, a glowing review should be shared widely, such as by posting it directly to social media or creating a template on Canva that can be used as a static post on an agent’s website or newsletter.

Source: Inman (08/26/23) Stace, Laura

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