Marketing: Current Relationships or New Ones?


When considering marketing dollars, it’s generally easier and less expensive to build on your existing relationships than try to create new ones.

BOCA RATON, Fla. – Real estate agent Aaron Buchbinder at Boca Raton, Florida-based Compass says the Sunshine State offers a professional advantage, not least for its “booming coastline, diverse population and tax-friendly economy” that appeal to buyers.

He says the key real estate lesson he learned is the power of leveraging one’s relationships and sphere of influence, which yields the most return on investment.

“It is more important to build on existing relationships than to build new ones – it’s much easier to dig deeper rather than wider,” Buchbinder says.

The best advice a mentor or colleague ever gave him, Buchbinder says, is to familiarize oneself with facts in order to sustain clients’ confidence and trust.

“The real estate business is not all the glitz and glamour you see on TV,” Buchbinder cautions. “In this business, it takes time to build relationships and hone your craft. My best advice would be to find a mentor or coach who can provide you with training and a road map to success.”

Source: Inman (05/15/23) Murdock, Christy

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