LinkedIn Launches AI to Expand Agent Content


As a business social media site, LinkedIn encourages online networking. To push that effort, it’s adding AI-written content that incites conversations.

NEW YORK – The worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market, valued at $136 billion, is impacting various sectors, including real estate.

LinkedIn intends to merge AI technologies into its platform to better serve users. The company will develop “collaborative articles” driven by AI-based content to encourage conversations among creators on the platform, for example.

The AI will suggest potential topics and reach out to creators who fit the parameters of the topic. Those creators will then be prompted to contribute and add their own personal experiences, insights and research. The AI starts things off so people in the LinkedIn community can contribute and engage with the subject matter.

People who successfully participate can earn badges and other perks.

Other benefits of AI for real estate agents include the ability to generate graphics, create strong listings and optimize contact databases. AI can categorize contacts based on certain criteria and create a schedule for when and how often agents should reach out to them. Once agents have a system in place, they need to make sure that no relationship gets overlooked, and that they’re regularly scheduling lunches, coffee outings and other social meetings that build professional relationships.

Furthermore, AI can help agents create SEO-rich content (search engine optimization) and using local keywords. When agents use AI, it will study their website, look at how people interact with it, and analyze how other websites successfully engage users.

Source: Realty Biz News (03/13/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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