Don’t Cut Service Because Markets Slow


When income drops, business people cut expenses. But in real estate, customer service shouldn’t be reduced as competition heats up.

NEW YORK – With the near-time future of real estate still uncertain at the beginning of 2023, agents need to think about changing market conditions and how the brokerage can help them navigate those changes.

The number of future transactions may decline, but brokerage services shouldn’t be reduced because productivity and efficiency are essential for success.

One area where brokerages shouldn’t skimp? Technology systems, such as applications and tools that can automate daily processes. There are a range of helpful tech products, and the one a brokerage chooses to use often reflects the business model of the company more than the software.

HomeSmart’s RealSmart Agent portal, for example, enables real estate professionals to automate marketing and paperwork processes and provides tools that help with client relationship management, among other things.

Additionally, a comprehensive orientation, onboarding, training and mentorship program can help new agents jumpstart their careers with the knowledge they need to succeed. An agent-centered approach will help ensure business success in 2023.

Source: RISMedia (12/27/22) Bowers, Ashley

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