RE Listing Strategies that Attract Top-Dollar Offers


Start with local research. What words to buyers use most often when searching for a home? What words are within listings that see the most clicks?

NEW YORK – Both words and images make an impact when marketing homes for sale, says Colibri Real Estate’s Tina Lapp, who has almost 30 years of professional education experience in the business.

To attract top dollar, she recommends researching what phrases and terms local shoppers use in their searches, then use descriptive language to zero in on those features in the property listing. Realty pros without a knack for the written word should consider hiring a freelancer, she says.

Along with effective language, Lapp emphasizes the importance of standout photos. Compile a list of a home’s stunning or unique features, she says, and make sure the photographer captures them. In addition to great and maybe unusual angles of the home itself, include photos of the local area – recreational areas or an entertainment district, for example – to help sell the lifestyle.

Other tips, according to Lapp, include:

  • Explore “virtual staging” when short on time or money to invest in actual adornments
  • Provide neighborhood information, such as crime statistics and planned development activity
  • Play up the historic appeal of older homes that often have smaller kitchens and bathrooms

Source: RISMedia (08/08/23) Lapp, Tina

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