What’s the Value of ‘Sprint’ Goals to Agents?


Breaking down long-term objectives into manageable increments, like monthly or quarterly production or sales targets, lets you assess and adjust plans as needed.

NORWALK, Conn. – Business planning is essential for real estate professionals given that outside market trends, economic conditions and other factors can substantially alter a business’s profitability.

Most firms will write up a business plan or strategy in December or January of the new year, but real estate professionals also should consider setting sprint goals.

These goals break down long-term objectives into manageable increments, such as setting quarterly or monthly production or sales targets that can be adjusted during times of need.

In order to establish usable sprint goals, you have to know how many people call, how many appointments, how many leads and conversions, and how much revenue and expenses you have.

Real estate professionals can then assess progress more frequently and adjust plans as needed to market conditions, client preferences, and technology advancements. Motivational charts can be added to keep track of goals and daily or weekly activities.

Source: RISMedia (12/28/23) Davis, Darryl

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