Top AI Strategies for Real Estate Agents in 2024


Artificial Intelligence has a multitude of uses in real estate, including customer insight, lead generation and property appraisals.

NEW YORK – Artificial intelligence is reshaping the real estate industry, and industry professionals can leverage AI strategies in 2024 to streamline transactions, manage properties and engage with clients more effectively.

AI can provide real estate professionals with a competitive advantage, enabling agents to position themselves at the forefront of industry innovation and success in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market landscape. Integrating AI into customer relationship management systems can elevate real estate agents’ CRM strategies, enabling them to gain deeper insights into client behaviors, preferences and potential buying patterns.

AI algorithms can efficiently target and engage with the most promising prospects, thus streamlining the lead generation process.

Real estate agents also can use AI to improve the accuracy and efficiency of property appraisals and market analysis, ultimately gaining insight for strategic planning.

As for marketing, AI can be used to analyze large datasets and predict consumer behavior, which would allow for highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Source: Realty Biz News (11/19/2023) Butler, Mihaela Lica

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