Teams: A Difference Between Winners and Others


It starts at the top with strong and involved leaders, but technology is also important, notably the tools that help keep everyone on a steady path to success.

NEW YORK – Mosaik CEO Sheila Reddy offers a game plan to help real estate companies’ teams realize success through technology.

“One of the most common attributes of a successful tech implementation is active involvement from the leaders of the team, especially when that involvement spans from selection of the product and vendor, through implementation and into ongoing adoption,” she writes. “Of course, one of the reasons is simply because it sets the example and the standard for the rest of the team.”

Success hinges on tight alignment between the tech and the team’s strategic objectives.

“If the strategic plan for team growth is to bring in new agents and train them, leveraging a tech platform to build guardrails around their activities becomes all the more important,” Reddy notes.

Tech success also requires teams to adopt new products and newly upgraded features for their existing tools, and to communicate with vendors to constantly enhance their processes.

“Teams that struggle with their tech often try to insert it into an existing process without consideration of how it can be effectively integrated and without building expectations around its use,” Reddy says. Winning teams also apply the tech at the frequency and in the manner they are expected to “by mandating use, regularly monitoring utilization, and burning the ships (phasing out old tech or limiting its accessibility).”

Source: Inman (09/29/23) Reddy, Sheila

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