Real Estate Teams Need Social Media Too


Marketing your real estate team on social media is as important as individual social media marketing, professionals say.

NEW YORK – Social media isn’t just important for individual real estate professionals. Real estate teams need to take part as well for brand awareness and career advancement.

Competition in the industry is tight, but having solid reach on the various platforms promises to also highlight a team’s expertise and attract prospective clients.

To optimize social media presence, a magnetic profile is a must. It should feature a professional group photo plus a bio that offers more detailed information about the team — its mission, market and passion.

Additionally, using profile pictures and signature design elements consistently on social media will increase brand recognition. Compelling content is also crucial — especially video and audio pieces.

Teams can also jazz up content by using titles, captions and hashtags to help convey the story. Tapping into platform-specific features, such as Instagram Highlights, is a perfect way to ensure the team’s best content reaches target audiences, and reusing copy that resonates with readers is encouraged.

Another component of a robust social media plan is meaningful engagement with the community, such as:

  • Commenting on posts and offering insights rather than just liking a post
  • Issuing a call to action
  • Posting regularly
  • Partnering with other agents or ancillary businesses for co-branded content

Source: RISMedia (12/04/23) Brown, Paige

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