Low-Cost Ways to Build Name Recognition


Building name recognition for a new real estate business doesn’t have to include expensive campaigns. Rather, agents can utilize free tools that can be effective, including community outreach.

NEW YORK — Starting a real estate business can be arduous, but building and cultivating a client base doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Instead, agents need to be confident and brave. Consider the following when trying to build a brand:

Go into the community: Make sure community members know you are. Tell them you are there to help with home selling, buying and market questions.

Reach out within your circle: Ensure people who already know you understand that your services are available.

Create a market presence: Wear a name tag that says “Ask Me About Real Estate” when out in the community.

Join community pages: Join online community groups on Facebook and other social media and offer help, advice and resources to neighbors and friends.

Hold open houses: Open houses, a hallmark of real estate sales and marketing, are where agents make a positive impression on their community and potential buyers.

Create community outreach: Get involved in charitable work to create a positive impact on the community and improve name recognition.

Write letters: Handwritten letters are an inexpensive and impactful way to engage people within the market

Source: Inman (03/11/24) Davis, Darryl

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