Leveraging Instagram, Reels to Boost Your Bottom Line


Visual content is crucial to showcasing properties. Platforms like Instagram can help you get there.

NEW YORK – Real estate agents can enhance their marketing efforts by using more visual content through platforms like Instagram and its short video feature, Reels. A 60-second Reel can provide a rapid tour of a property and showcase its curb appeal, interior design and unique selling points.

Would-be homebuyers may be motivated to inquire about the property. Instagram can also help agents expand their personal brand and further connect with their audience. Some social-savvy agents win viewers by sharing behind-the-scenes peeks into their daily lives, articulating their passion for real estate and highlighting their expertise. The Instagram Stories feature lets agents share real-time updates, answer frequently asked questions and offer insights into the local real estate market.

By being authentic and transparent, agents can build trust with prospective clients and portray themselves as a knowledgeable and approachable expert. The reach of Instagram and Reels can be enhanced through the use of hashtags, location tags and geotargeting features, which optimize the content for searchability.

To leverage user-generated content, agents can invite satisfied clients to share their experiences on Instagram and Reels through testimonials. Instagram and Reels also enable agents to monitor industry trends as they follow industry experts and other agents, while using hashtags related to current market insights, regulations and best practices.

Realty Biz News (09/07/2023) Cioppa, Cali      

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