Ian Survivors with United Ins. Given More Time


Citizens Ins.: Homeowners with Hurricane Ian damage have 90 more days to submit a claim if they were originally covered by now-closed United Property & Casualty.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – United Property & Casualty (UPC) customers lost coverage when the company went out of business, with many turning to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – the state owned “insurer of last resort.”

Since United covered a number of Hurricane Ian victims, Citizens announced this week that it will give UPC policyholders with existing damage 90 days after becoming Citizens policyholders to provide signed contracts for repairs.

According to Citizens’ President/CEO and Executive Director Tim Cerio, UPC policyholders have until June 27, 2023, to provide proof that repair contracts have been entered even if repairs have not begun.

“Because of reported contractor shortages in Southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian, Citizens is allowing UPC applicants who have existing damage to their home 90 days to submit a contract to repair the damage,” Cerio says. “We think this is the right thing to do and can help those still suffering hardship in the aftermath of Ian.”

In addition, Citizens will give new UPC customers until April 17, 2023, to apply for Citizens coverage, which will retroactively take effect back to March 29, 2023, UPC’s policy termination date under a liquidation order issued in February.

“This will allow agents additional time to assist consumers shopping for replacement coverage,” Cerio said.

“After Hurricane Ian, people need some breathing room to start repairs and get coverage,” says Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis. “Extending this deadline allows homeowners more time to start repairs so they can acquire coverage as they work to rebuild their lives and get back to normal.”

UPC was ordered into liquidation in February. The Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) was then appointed as Receiver of UPC, and all policies were cancelled effective on March 29, 2023. The liquidation order affected approximately 59,000 UPC policyholders.

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