Hot Home Trend: Western Gothic


The Wild West aesthetic adopts moody accents in this up-and-coming design palette. Some common elements include a dark base and desert plants.

NEW YORK – Pinterest has identified “Western Gothic” as a top interior design trend for 2024. “Western” and “Gothic” may seem like a mismatch—but a melding of the two aesthetics also may come naturally to fans of the dark, moody cowboy drama “Yellowstone.”

Western Gothic is a combo of dark color palettes with vintage western and Americana motifs. The 2024 Pinterest Predicts report, which is based on global search data of more than 482 million users, identifies a rise in online searches for styles like “western gothic,” “western bedding ideas,” “vintage Americana” and “country room ideas.”

Elements common with this non-classic style include:

  • A dark base: Have a statement wall painted in a dark color, such as black or chocolate brown, to exude gothic vibes. Use the accent walls to showcase artwork depicting ranch or western-inspired photography of cattle or cowboys.
  • Western details and finishes: Incorporate natural wooden furniture, cow prints, leathers, gold metals and even denim, which can help capture the Americana aesthetic. Also, add touches of fringe edging to a leather chair or studded detailing along the furniture ends.
  • Sultry touches: Add gothic elements like lace, faux fur and velvet.
  • Soft lighting: Candles offer up some gothic ambiance; try to mix and match candle holders in different sizes and shapes.
  • Desert plants: Add succulents and cactus on tabletops and shelves.
  • Western Gothic is considered a hybrid aesthetic; try a combination of leather and lace for both the rugged and the romantic. Here’s one look: Layer a sheepskin on a well-worn leather armchair, a cowhide rug underneath and large bows attached to a candelabra on the side table.

Make no mistake, Western Gothic is a maximalist style. Use it sparingly, and reserve it for smaller areas of a home, such as a wine cellar, powder room, home office or den.

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