Hard to Be a Market Expert Without Constant Training


Agents offer buyers and sellers their market expertise, but that expertise can quickly become stale in a fast-changing RE market without regular educational updates.

NEW YORK – A major success factor for real estate agents is to never stop learning. Most top professionals have a continual desire for knowledge and realize that each day is an opportunity to learn, develop and improve.

Learning isn’t just a classroom. Agents can gain knowledge by:

  • Researching new markets
  • Examining the practices of other top performers
  • Obtaining insights from books and podcasts
  • Traveling to conferences and mastermind groups
  • Surrounding themselves with peers, mentors and clients who help them reach new heights

Agents should also gain expertise in reading a room, reading people, articulating their value proposition, and how to market real estate. Additionally, agents must become familiar with their own market. as well as the key economic and social forces driving it.

Agents should also have an eye toward improving their communication skills and industry know-how so that it becomes easy for them to engage in conversations with prospects.

For more formal learning, agents should be regularly involved in development and education. Beyond things learned, an ongoing focus on improvement makes agents more effective in their planning, lead generation and lead conversion. A

People who undergo personal development gain more reserves of positive energy for their work too, and agents who want things to change should also change personally.

Entrepreneur Jim Rohn always said, “If you will change, everything will change for you.”

Source: Inman (08/21/23) Schlekeway, Nick

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