Fewer Bedrooms Have Beds Thanks to Pandemic


A COVID-pushed trend, “functional décor,” has driven many people to put a sofa bed in their living room and convert little-used guest rooms for other functions.

NEW YORK – A growing number of consumers prioritize “functional décor” as they spend more time at home.

“Functional decor is about making your space work for you, your family, and your lifestyle … it’s about creating a balance between beauty and practicality,” says Keely Smith, lead interior design specialist at JD Elite Interiors.

One example includes a dining room conversion: The large, formal table goes, replaced with a combination dinette and work-from-home arrangement. Another example is repurposing a little-used bedroom and adding a couch with a pullout bed in the living room to make up for the loss.

With functional décor, households design their home with family’s needs in mind.

“So often we think stunning interior design is at odds with our daily lifestyle, but the best spaces function for how you live,” says Heather Goerzen, managing editor of design content at Havenly.

If hosting friends and family is a priority, the living room should have adequate seating to ensure it is most functional. If the space primarily functions as a family room, it may make more sense to focus on having hidden storage. Most experts say that too much clutter and too little storage space can impede functionality.

“Closed cabinets, nightstands with drawers, baskets and storage ottomans are a designer secret to functional interior design,” says Goerzen. “They allow you to indulge in all of your necessities (chargers, eye masks, dog toys, etc.) but stash it out of sight for visual calm.”

Alice Chiu, principal designer at Miss Alice Designs, notes that lighting plays a significant role in the design of any room.

“The key is to layer your lights, from floor lamps to table lamps and wall sconces, to overhead lights,” she says.

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