Disney ‘Lists’ Iconic Haunted Mansion For Sale


The 5 bed/2 bath, 13,195 square-foot New Orleans mansion – actually Calif. –  “dates back to the late 19th century” and has a steep asking price: Your soul.

NEW ORLEANS – A famous mansion has landed on the fake real estate market in New Orleans, Louisiana, for an extremely high price: One – or more – human souls.

Disney’s famous “Haunted Mansion” is listed on Zillow just in time for its newest adaptation that’s ready to hit the theaters on July 28. But, unfortunately, the 13,195-square-foot undead-filled estate isn’t really for sale. And if it really was, the listing would be downright terrifying.

“It is important to disclose that this property is indeed haunted, and its inhabitants inflict terror and promise eternal entrapment to all who enter,” the listing says. “We are certain that you will find this place irresistible and promise that once you see it in person, you will find it impossible to leave it behind.”

Features of the estate include:

  • Foyer: A grand entryway with statues that threaten your life
  • Great Hall: Ideal for entertaining invited and uninvited guests.
  • Library: A collection that inspires unforgettable nightmares.
  • Ballroom: Lovely space where ghostly souls celebrate and imprison.
  • Séance Room: Perfect for summoning the dead and human possession.
  • Hallway: Didn’t get your steps in? Keep walking. Forever.

And more.

The movie is based on the famous Disney ride with the same name and stars LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish, Rosario Dawson, Jared Leto, Dan Levy and Owen Wilson.

Ahead of the film’s premiere, which was held at Disneyland on July 15, SAG-AFTRA announced that actors in the Hollywood industry would be joining film and TV writers on the picket line after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers failed on the evening of July 12, The Hollywood Reporter said. None of the actors attended the movie’s red carpet premiere, so instead, the studio sent out famous Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse to engage with fans during the two-hour event, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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