A Matter Smart Technology Home? Note It in the Listing


Samsung’s tech home organizer controls everything from a single app – a big draw for buyers who want a home that’s already set up for future technology upgrades.

NEW YORK – Samsung’s new Matter smart technology standard facilitates seamless interoperability between different smart-home devices. It makes smart-home technology more integrated, streamlined and accessible to consumers – one step closer to a virtual assistant that can simultaneously open curtains, turn on lights and start the coffee with a single voice command.

Matter devices can be controlled from a single app, automated together, and be operated by voice assistants.

For real estate agents, matter compatibility can be highly appealing to buyers when they’re selling property with in-built smart home technologies because it says, “This home is ready for the future of smart home technology.”

It does, however, need compatible devices to work through the system, and agents advertising the technological perk should also note that in the property listing.

During a showing, agents should showcase the specific smart home technologies already built into the property. One possibility: Before opening a smart-home door using face-recognition technology, explain that the house “comes alive” when it recognizes an owner has returned and, the moment the potential buyer steps inside, the lights come on, curtains open, music plays, etc.

Source: Realty Biz News (10/20/2023) Shepardson, Ben

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