67% of Buyers Willing to Live with Ghost Roommate


How hard is it to find the perfect home? If it has the right location and price, 7 out of 10 homebuyers are willing to overlook poltergeist shenanigans.

JACKSON, Ga. – Potential homebuyers don’t mind a scare as long as it’s in their dream home. A new Zillow survey finds that 67% of potential homebuyers are willing to live in a house haunted by ghosts if it had the features they were looking for, if it was more affordable and in a good location.

The survey found that if the haunted house had features such as a pool, two-car garage and a large backyard, 40% of potential buyers would go for it; 35% said that if the house had a lower market price, they would be willing to move in; and 32% said that ghosts won’t scare them from living in their dream home if it was in their desired location.

It’s no surprise that potential homebuyers are willing to compromise living with spirits in 2023 since home affordability is the worst it’s ever been since 1984. Today, the average American has to make an annual income of at least $114,627 to afford a home, which is the “highest annual income necessary to afford a home on record,” according to a recent Redfin report. The reasons why potential homebuyers must match this income is due to high mortgage rates and skyrocketing home prices that are the result of low inventory.

Many potential homebuyers on the hunt for a new house may not even realize that they are buying a home that’s haunted by ghosts. If a person passed away peacefully in a home, sellers are not required to disclose that information in most states.

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