3 Simple, Must-Know Truths About Becoming a Lead Generation Master


“The good news is the more that you do lead gen, the better that you get at it.”

NEW YORK – Real estate professionals who become successful early in their careers generally have mastered lead generation, Joseph Santini, a managing broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate in Boca Raton, Highland Beach and Delray Beach, says in Inman.

He says there are three things that agents must master to become lead-generation machines:

  • Work only on things that result in a paycheck
  • Be disciplined enough to do these tasks efficiently and consistently
  • Be willing to do what nobody else wants to do

“We need to understand that if we are not on a listing appointment or showing properties to buyers, we really are not working toward a paycheck because that is the only way that we can get paid. The other stuff just doesn’t really matter,” Santini says.

He adds, “Making calls, doing mailings, calling your sphere, knocking on doors, etc., is where success lies. The good news is the more that you do lead gen, the better that you get at it. Raise your activity level and raise your income.”

A good game plan is to work on lead generation at least two hours per day, five days per week and not let anyone interfere with that time.

Source: Inman (12/12/2023) Santini, Joseph

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