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Minority Groups’ Homeownership Increased in 2022

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WASHINGTON – Homeownership rates for racial minorities increased in 2022, with Asian and Hispanic Americans achieving historic peaks. Despite these advancements, disparities persist among racial and ethnic groups, notably with Black homeownership lagging. People of color continue to endure significant buying challenges throughout and after their home purchases, according to a report released today by … Read more

New Homes Carve Out Separate Quarters

MIAMI – With the cost of homes out of reach for many families, developers in South Florida are now adding annexes to new construction, allowing relatives to live under the same roof. The extra space comes with a room or two and its own kitchen, much like those in-law quarters added to older homes. The built-in apartments … Read more

Protecting Yourself From Cyber Threats

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NEW YORK – In back-to-back months, Mr. Cooper and LoanDepot — two of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders — made headlines for experiencing cyberattacks that exposed the data of more than 30 million people combined. Mortgage lenders haven’t been the only recent targets. Title insurance companies Fidelity National Financial and First American Financial each experienced … Read more

Mortgage Rates Rise to 6.77%

Rates on 30-year mortgages ticked up this week, but forecasters remain optimistic they will hover around 6% by the end of the year. LOS ANGELES — The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate rose this week to its highest level in 10 weeks, a setback for prospective homebuyers ahead of the spring homebuying season. The average … Read more

Tips for Couples Talking About Money

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NEW YORK — Money might not be the most romantic topic for Valentine’s Day, but talking about finances with your significant other is a key element of a healthy relationship. Money problems are one of the most common reasons couples separate, said Emily Simonian, head of clinical learning at Thriveworks, a mental health company. In … Read more

Raise Credit Score to Better Mortgage Rates

Buyers with good credit scores have a better chance at lower mortgage rates. Here are some tips for improving those scores. NEW YORK – If you intend to buy a new home, or if you intend to take out a loan in the near future for any other reason, you obviously want to have the … Read more

Looking for Love? Buy a Home

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A Valentine’s Day surprise: Love does not just prompt home buying, but home buying appears to prompt love as well, a recent survey found. ©Florida Realtors® Source link

Long-Term Mortgage Rate Stagnant | Florida Realtors

The average long-term rate remains in the mid-6% range, Freddie Mac said. The rate on a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage, popular for home refinances, fell to 5.90% from 5.94% last week. LOS ANGELES— The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate edged higher this week, reflecting a recent uptick in the 10-year Treasury yield. The average rate on … Read more

Experts: 2024 Home Prices Won’t Decline

Despite predictions housing prices would come down, values keep rising in 2024. The reason? The tight inventory. WASHINGTON – Much to the chagrin of would-be homebuyers, property prices just keep rising. It seems nothing — not even the highest mortgage rates in nearly 23 years — can stop the continued climb of home prices. Prices … Read more

Florida Consumer Sentiment at 2-Year High

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Floridians anticipate a positive economic outcome in the coming year, bolstered by a strong market and low unemployment, a University of Florida survey found. GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Consumer sentiment among Floridians started the year at the highest level over the last two years, highlighting residents’ positive outlook about the future of the economy and personal … Read more