Wealthy Property Investors Are Keeping Their Eye On South Florida


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Wealthy Property Investors Are Keeping Their Eye On South Florida

Investors are starting to become interested in cities with strong residential property price growth according to research and wealth management companies.

Prices in these rising cities are lower than in other parts of the world but are still developing in new construction. Top of this list is Tel Aviv, Melbourne and then Miami rounding up third. Global investment will always play an important role in real estate with investors. Also, something that attracts these investors to these cities is English being a first or second language, new technology industries and affordable areas to live.

The United States is on the top three lists of global locations with the highest value of direct real estate investment by high worth individuals. They are accounting for 39 percent of all global real estate holdings as well as Germany and Japan. You can also see the private real-estate wealth coming from Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Singapore and New York. They account for $2.2 trillion or 40 percent of all global net worth real estate holdings. Hong Kong is very involved in investing and has a global net worth of $798 billion dollars of real estate holdings. London came in second with a global reach of $676 billion.

With these cities all continuing to evolve, including South Florida and South Florida real estate, we are able to see that investors know where the future is leaning towards. Now is the perfect time to put your extra cash into a Florida condo.