The Stewards of South Florida


The Stewards of South Florida

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Galleria International Realty | Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Real EstateGalleria International Realty | Fort Lauderdale’s Premier Real Estate

It’s always been important for Galleria to be “in sync” with the neighboring community.

Surrounding residents have spoken and the developers have heard.

After meeting with each other in as many as 20 community meetings, the Galleria mall developers have come to a consensus that should please everyone.

The height and location of some of the buildings have been altered so that residents will have more privacy and their view of the skyline will remain intact.

Folks that were also concerned regarding traffic congestion will be happy to know that the number of residential units have been reduced to 1,250, down from 1,600.

Thirteen hotel rooms were added, as well as one more commercial building.

Galleria mall developers want to ensure that residents will find the mall add to the neighborhood, not detract from its beauty.

Walkways, bike lanes and tree-lined streets remain part of the overall plan.

Peter Flotz, of FLL Development Enterprise, wanted area residents to know that they consider themselves “stewards” of this area.

“It’s our responsibility to reflect what the neighborhood wants.”

The price tag for the development has been reduced to $750 million, down from $1 billion.

Welcome to the neighborhood!