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Does Reverse Mortgage Have a Non-Recourse Clause?

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Check the paperwork and read for context. “Non-recourse” is more of a description of how a loan works than a direct term, so it could be described differently. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.– Question: We took out a reverse mortgage in 2011 and I thought I understood how it worked. However, having reviewed the documents, I cannot … Read more

What If You Can’t Pay Hefty Special Assessment?

RE Q&A: Communicate with your HOA or condo association. Most will try to address the issue with homeowners who have financial difficulties, but there are legal limits. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Question: Our condominium association recently passed a rather large special assessment to get some work done that we do not have enough money in … Read more

Most Americans Say They Pay Too Much in Taxes

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New poll: Many also don’t think the institutions – whether federal or local – that use their tax dollars spend the money in the best interest of “people like them.” CHICAGO – A majority of taxpayers feel they pay too much in taxes, with many saying that they receive a poor value in return, according … Read more

Redfin Report: Home Buyer Demand Shows Signs of Early Rebound

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Home buyers, encouraged by declining mortgage rates and increased listings, are moving from the sidelines, the Redfin Homebuyer Demand Index found. WASHINGTON – Redfin real estate found U.S. pending home sales had the smallest decline since March 2022, dropping by 4% year over year in the four weeks ending Dec. 24. The Redfin Homebuyer Demand … Read more

Fannie Mae Maintains Secret List of Restricted Condos

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MIAMI – Some people trying to buy a condominium in South Florida but getting mysteriously rejected for a mortgage could be in for a jolt: The reason they can’t get a loan may be that the condo is on a secret quasi-governmental blacklist. News media reports and data leaks to a pair of law firms … Read more

South Florida Home Prices Peaking, But Crash Not Expected, Economist Says

FORT LAUDERDALE – The situation for hopeful homebuyers in South Florida has long been bleak — and it’s not projected to improve any time soon. Although the region is likely at the peak of its housing cycle as sales slow and prices flatten out, Ken H. Johnson, a real estate economist who also works at Florida Atlantic … Read more

State Considers Easing Fla. Keys Decades-Old Growth Limits

MARATHON, Fla. – The state is considering easing strict long-standing limits on development in the Florida Keys, a move that could fuel the biggest building boom in the ecologically fragile island chain in nearly a half-century. It could – at least potentially – open the door to as many as 8,000 new homes and businesses … Read more

While Repairs Take Place, What Happens to Tenants?

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RE Q&A: Tenants don’t have to pay rent for the time their place is inhabitable. But landlords aren’t required to find them a temporary place or pay for it either. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Question: Our rental townhouse had an issue with the roof that leaked water into one of the bedrooms our renters use … Read more

Older Condo Woes Make it Harder to Buy/Sell Units

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – After Rich Engels’ mother died earlier this year, Engels decided to sell her condo unit in Sunrise Lakes Phase 4. He lined up a buyer, but he said the deal fell apart after the lender learned that the condo building had no wind insurance. Lenders won’t approve mortgage loans on buildings … Read more

1 in 3 Buyers Uses Cash – Highest Share in a Decade

In Fla., cash sales dropped year-to-year in only one metro: Fort Lauderdale. The percentage of cash sales ranged from 38.2% in Tampa to 49% in West Palm Beach. SEATTLE – Just over one-third (34.1%) of U.S. home purchases in September were made in cash, up from 29.5% a year earlier and the highest share in … Read more