Santa’s Home Off-Market but Viewable on Zillow


The entire compound is worth a Zestimated $1.2M and includes a 3D tour of Elf Village – the original tiny home – a state-of-the-art toy shop and tiny reindeer stables.

NORTH POLE – Santa Claus’ North Pole home is the only residence in the world with a southern view from every single window.

While never listed for sale, Zillow says St. Nick claimed it in 2016 and added touches that allow everyone to see what life is like in a 24/7 winter world.

Santa and Mrs. Claus first claimed their home on the Zillow website in 2016, and gave people around the world a glimpse into their enchanted lives where they live “off the grid.” The listing includes a 3D tour of the Elf Village, his toy-making factory, a garage dedicated to sleighs and stables suitable for eight tiny reindeer.

The secluded property is now worth an estimated $1,154,137, according to Zillow’s valuation tool.

More than 3 million people have Zillow-surfed Santa’s home, making it one of the most viewed” homes on Zillow’s website.

“Touring Santa’s house on Zillow has become a new, high-tech holiday tradition,” says Amanda Pendleton, Zillow’s home trends expert. “The immersive virtual 3D home tour of the Elf Village allows families to explore this corner of the North Pole from the comfort of their living room, preferably by the fire with a mug of hot cocoa.”

Six years ago, Santa’s home was worth just over $650,000, but even North Pole values have risen dramatically and his equity has surged. His house value has increased 12% over the past year and nearly 77% over the past six years.

Zillow says it first calculated a special Zestimate value for Santa’s one-of-a-kind property using comparable homes – some on remote coasts of Alaska – and applying a “Santa premium.”

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