Promoting an Event on Instagram? Here’s How


A successful promotion takes planning. It should start with a two-week launch strategy that boosts content such as reels, videos, stories, etc.

NEW YORK – When promoting events through Instagram, it’s essential to plan ahead, says Michelle Berman-Mikel, owner of Berman Media PD and creator of the Instagram Power Method Program.

The first step: Create a two-week launch strategy that boosts such content as reels, videos, stories and so on. Agents need to particularly focus on the use of real-life content, relevant sponsors and emails.

This strategy consists of a structured “Launch” day that can be reverse-engineered to determine the days to post content and send emails. An agent should use their own imagery at the location or photos/videos from past events. Animation or “graphics” from resources like Canva should be avoided.

To project credibility, agents should refer to businesses, individuals and organizations. For instance, agents who want to offer a giveaway for a product or promote an event with sponsors should do interviews at the sponsor’s site. Leading up to the date of the event, agents will use this content on their account and collect it from various sources to correspond with posts on the days the emails go out.

When selecting event sponsors, agents should pay attention to those who have a social presence and create a sponsorship agreement to ensure their participation. The agreement could include email database size and Instagram analytics, including engagement rate, reach and impressions, and a reference to the agent’s account name.

Agents should consider paying for ads only after the organic presence is established. It typically takes six days for a campaign to be executed fully on Instagram.

Source: Inman (09/14/22) Berman-Mikel, Michelle

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