Now Is The Perfect Time To Downsize Your Home!


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Now Is The Perfect Time To Downsize Your Home!

Experts all agree that one of the healthiest things empty nesters and those approaching retirement can do is to downsize their home. Don’t wait because the benefits both financially and emotionally can be quite rewarding. Whether it is based on children moving out of their parent’s home or someone moving to South Florida for retirement there are many reasons why this move can have a very positive impact on the rest of their life.

When planning for retirement the idea of making a real estate move is sometimes way down on the list of things to do and that is for several reasons. A home filled with family memories can be hard to leave. Some worry about the hassle of locating a new property, and all the details of minimizing their personal possessions and the moving can be overwhelming. This is where a Realtor can minimize the pain and point you in the right direction so that you can enjoy this special time in your life.

Steven Bass, at Boston College Center for Retirement sums it up when he states, “If it makes sense…don’t wait!” Many have their primary residence paid off and feel secure about that fact and may be reluctant to get into a new property with maintenance fees. This is basically a mirage. With their existing property there are hidden costs (roof, furnace, windows, landscaping, pool etc.) Even moving out of a good school district now that schools are not your top priority can lower your property taxes. By selling the family home they can put a portion of those funds into their retirement nest egg. This big decision can be made while you are still young enough to enjoy the new carefree lifestyle and also keep the burden away from your children as you continue to age.

Fort Lauderdale real estate offers many options for those of all ages. There are apartments, condos, townhomes, single family residence, hi-rise, boutique condo buildings, waterfront, gated communities and close knit neighborhoods to choose from. There is great shopping, fantastic restaurants, cultural arts, numerous activities and fantastic health care. Make the decision today to look into your Fort Lauderdale real estate options! Why wait to move to Paradise…now it is your time!