Miami Luxury Real Estate Market Still Hot For Foreign Investors


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Miami luxury homes continue to take living well to the next level. There is no shortage of amenities in these apartments.

4.Safer Investments

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Foreign investors became a bit skittish during the 2016 election. But, the market is getting stable and investors are looking to Miami. More than 54% of the city’s foreign investors are from Latin America. Europeans comprised 18%. Canadians represented 13% of foreign buyers. The top buyers of luxury real estate apartments were Canadians, followed by Venezuelans and Brazilians.

3.The Porsche Design Tower Allows You To Park Your Cars In Your Apartment

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The Tower stands 60-floors tall. It’s glass enclosed elevators bring your car up to your apartment. The apartments include balcony pools and a beautiful view of Miami bay. For those that view that cars as art, this is the perfect place to reside. Apartments can range in cost from $5.5 million to $33 million.


2.An Island Just For Its Residents

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Prive was designed by Sieger Suarez. Its 2 towers are located by a private island connected to the mainland by a members-only bridge.  It will only cost you $2.8 million.

1.How Much Do You Love Your Pooch?

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Danish architect Bjarke Ingels had pets in mind when he built At The Grove at Grand Bay. These 2-story glass towers twist to reach the sky. Residents enjoy the waters of Coconut Grove. It also has rooftop pools as well as a pet spa.

It’s All About The Bling

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Miami continues to attract those that want to show they have money. But, the city is beginning to look closer at where that money is coming from. Just last May, Brazilian federal police launched a money laundering probe connected to Miami real estate.

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