Looking To Buy A Condo In South Florida? Know the Facts First


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Looking To Buy A Condo In South Florida? Know the Facts First

South Florida offers some of the most beautiful oceanfront condos in the world. They range from high class contemporary to modern and chic. Knowing what you are looking for first will point you in the right direction.

Condos can offer some amazing amenities with personal touches that can make or break your decision to buy. Make sure to discuss with your family or whoever you are moving in with what is important to them. Is it being near the beach? Or is it having a full washer and dryer in your unit? Making a list of what will make you happy in a condo will help you find what you are looking for faster. Since this is South Florida, a pool is something that is nice to have. Give you list to your real estate agent and take a look at all your options. Are you looking for new or old? Make sure to tell your realtor® not only your price ranges, but also if you are interested in new developments or older bargain fixer upper condos. A realtor® can also let you know the important things that you may not think about like how many parking spaces come with your unit or what schools are around that are great fit for your children. Every association has different rules on pets, renting, deposit requirements, and insurance so make sure you review all the condo rules and regulations before buying. When you own a condominium, you will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee to the condo’s association, find out what that fee covers and if they have any special assessments in the near future. Another good tip is to find out if your association has reserves to cover unexpected expenses, if they don’t this can lead to special assessments.

Knowing how important a realtor® is and making sure you are in love with the condo are two very important things. Remember that it does not have to be something rushed. Take your time and make sure to find the condo that fits you and your loved ones.