Key Ways to Convert Business on Instagram


What does your key lead look like? Instagram is essentially free advertising, but hone your message by first identifying the type of person you hope to attract.

NEW YORK – One of the benefits of Instagram for lead generation is that it essentially offers free advertising for businesses.

However, real estate professionals must first identify what their ideal lead looks like – and also outline their personal goals, such as recruiting agents or generating new buyers or sellers. Using more granular data will make it easier for agents to carry on conversations they initiate.

Agents should also know what they sound like when they ask someone for business and even practice the conversation flow to help make a connection.

Conversations should end in a “what,” “why” or “how” synopsis. Agents should also identify who they help, how they help them, and the result they guarantee – and avoid using phrases such as “helping you find your dream home,” or “anyone looking to buy a home in the X area.”

The next step is requesting a Zoom or coffee meeting, but doing so based on the value you initially provided a customer and giving the person a specific option. An exact date and time or day of the week can be the 1% difference agents need to generate a conversion.

Source: Inman (09/28/22) Berman-Mikel, Michelle

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