How To Pick The Right Paint Color For Your Florida Home


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How To Pick The Right Paint Color For Your Florida Home

Are you looking to give your home a pop of color but want to make sure you are making the right decision? Picking a color for your home can be tricky and you want it to bring out a style of who you are.

If you do not know where to begin with a color, try to experiment with a room that is small like your bathroom or an accent wall. Take a look at your favorite thing in your house weather that is a piece of art you love or a special table cloth and work from there. You also want to think of the mood of your room you are looking to paint. In a bedroom you will want to pick something soothing and relaxing with some warmer tones. Do you want your living room more formal with neutrals?

Make sure to pay attention to the lighting of a room. When the windows are open and your home has natural light you will see what the real color will look like. Do not pick something that will overpower a room or a large wall. If you are looking for a color in an active space, look at the stronger more intense colors. If you are unsure about painting a wall, test the colors on a poster board. You want to walk into every room in your house and see how they will play into each other. Consider the flow of your rooms to get a feel for the entire project. Color swatches always appear lighter in your hand than on 2 walls so you also want to be mindful of that aspect.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Pick a color you never even thought of using or something that will bring out a dramatic beautiful look. Tinted ceilings can change an entire room and bring it a classy style. Take advantage of the color wheel and how the color appears on the surface. All of this will create a cohesive look and make for a great finish!