Great Real Estate Season Predicted For Fort Lauderdale Florida


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Great Real Estate Season Predicted For Fort Lauderdale Florida

Fort Lauderdale will have an amazing selling season and throughout 2014.  New home construction and confident Sellers are influencing the market.

Many home buyers are looking to “move up” in their property ownership by purchasing larger homes or more upgraded properties. This new confidence will impact the real estate market in a very positive way throughout 2014.

Lured by the sun, low taxes and a diverse workforce, Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida markets are seeing a large increase of corporations moving their headquarters to the Sunshine State. Many high paying jobs are being created with these relocations and the real estate market will see the benefits of the trend. This is very good for our community because it also brings more tax revenue, real estate investment, contributions for charity and a boost for housing and consumer spending.

Corporations also appreciate and take advantage of international airports, multilingual and skilled workforce. As promoted in advertisements featuring local businessman and entrepreneur Wayne Huizenga, Broward County is, “Life. Less taxing,” based on the states no income tax policy which is a huge draw for corporations.

One last point, there are endless local economic incentives for corporations to take advantage of which in turn will benefit the local residential real estate market. All of these issues point in an upward direction for South Florida and its residential real estate market.