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Facebook just announced it is significantly expanding the real estate listings in their Marketplace platform. It’s starting with rentals, but they plan to roll out housing sales gradually.

Marketplace In Its Current Format

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  • Individuals can list their homes for sale
  • Only available via the mobile app in the US


Ramping Up

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Facebook has now partnered with Apartment List and Zumper. The number of listings has skyrocketed, allowing hundreds of thousands of rental units to be viewed.  To make the experience easier, there are custom filters for:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Rental type
  • Square Footage
  • Dog/Cat-Friendly
  • Ability to upload 360 photos for individual listings

Have You Found The Rental You Like?

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Just fill out a short contact form, and the property manager (or agent) will contact you directly. Facebook only serves as a connector. It does not participate in the transaction at all. However, they do warn that there may be charges in the future for using a third-party listing partner.

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