Choose The Right South Florida Neighborhood That Fits Your Family


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Choose The Right South Florida Neighborhood That Fits Your Family

Looking for the right neighborhood in South Florida can be tricky if you are not familiar with the areas. You want to choose the right neighborhood that is safe, affordable and can fit all your needs. Something you want to keep in mind is you are not just buying the house but all that surrounds it.

A few questions you should be asking yourself are what you and your family prefer. Are you looking for quiet streets or a busier active area? Do you want to be in close proximity to shopping or do you want to be where there is a tight-knit community? If you are looking for safety, one of the safest Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods is located on Riverland Road on SW 34th Ave (found at Another thing you can do is contact the local South Florida police department. They will provide you with specific details about an area that you are looking to move to. Some of the police stations will provide information on how active the community is or if there is any crime prevention that is practiced in that area. Another thing you want to do is take a look around the entire area. Look for any vandalism such as broken windows or do some of the homes have intense warnings like “beware of dog”. Look around at the condition of the homes as well as the streets and sidewalks. Are the people you encounter in the area friendly or make eye contact with you? Is there a lot of traffic in your neighborhood or is it really noisy? Are you in a college area with lots of young kids?

One sign of a good neighborhood is their education and schooling. If you have children, make sure to do your research beforehand on public and private schools. These are factors you should think about thoroughly before making a permanent decision. Bayview Elementary School is one of the top public schools in Fort Lauderdale and Trinity Lutheran School is one of the top rated private schools in Fort Lauderdale. Make sure that the means of transportation in convenient for your children or is it safe and close enough to walk?

One more thing you want to consider is the current value of the homes in the neighborhood. Make sure to ask an agent how this compares with the value 5-10 years earlier as well as if they are aware of any future developments. Watch to see if the neighborhood has changed.

All of these things are just a few key elements that play an important role into looking for the right place for your family. Just remember that this is a place you want to feel settled and call home. Choosing the right South Florida community will make your house a home.