These Are The Best Colors For A House On The Coast


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These 3 top designers give hints for what makes a beach house look its best. Perhaps, Miles Redd Said it best: “look to the great outdoors” to determine what looks best out-of-doors.

3. Steven Gambrel

Galleria Internacional

Gambrel suggests a slightly saturnine approach. He uses a darker trim and sash to frame the room. Gambrel recommends Benjamin Moore Sterling for the walls. Sashes should be painted Pratt & Lambert, Stone’s Throw. Benjamin Moore’s White-01 should be used for the ceiling and trim.

2. Celerie Kemble

Galleria Internacional

Image Credit: Benjamin Moore

Kemble uses colors that reflect the out-of-doors.  She suggests Benjamin Moore Lime Froth for the walls. Jack Frost is utilized for the ceiling. The white ceiling gives a sense of coziness. The pale green prevents the glare of the sun.

1.Mike Redd

Galleria Internacional

Image Credit: William Waldron

Redd suggests taking a look just outside your door to find your color palette. The seashells reflect muted hues. A sparkling blue ocean produces a variety of shades from which to choose. Finally, look to the orange crabs to provide a pop of color.

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