April Showers In South Florida | Be Prepared With Flood Insurance


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April Showers In South Florida | Be Prepared With Flood Insurance

South Florida is heading into its rainy months and according to FEMA, the most common disaster in the United States is flooding. With South Florida being only 9 feet above sea level, you have a larger risk of experiencing this natural disaster. Making sure you know all of the basics of flood insurance will help keep your Florida home safe.

Flood insurance is required for all federally regulated mortgages. Make sure to know what your home insurance will cover. In Florida, home insurance usually does not cover flood insurance. This will all be explained in your home owner’s policy. Think you don’t need flood insurance because you do not live in a flood zone? The entire state of Florida is actually at risk for flooding with varying levels according to FEMA. Think you are not able to afford flood insurance, well think again. A South Florida flood insurance policy can be purchased for as little as $129 per year. Some benefits of flood insurance are:

  • Your claim can be paid in the event of a flood loss
  • It compensates you for all your covered losses
  • You do not have to repay a loan
  • Your insurance agent can handle your claim quickly

For more information visit www.floridafloodinsurance.com