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Pieter Hendrik Coetzee is an accomplished architect, project manager, developer, builder and realtor, known for his creativity in design and comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry. His architectural design and projects in South Africa have earned him widespread acclaim, while his work as a developer/construction manager/realtor, brought significant success to a spectrum of companies.


After immigrating to the US with his family in 1994, Pieter began working on the John Alden buildings at the Miami Airport while employed with Theodore Roux Architects. Not long after that, Pieter partnered with another developer, Tom Godart, to design and build luxury homes in Rio Vista. During this time Pieter also worked with the City of Oakland, Mayor and other officials to change the zoning designation of a mobile park site to a storage unit site. From there he developed townhouses in Rio Vista, Sailboat Bend and Croissant Park.


Pieter is an entrepreneur at heart who is able to design and build a project from the ground up, working closely with city officials, Mayors and City Commissioners on land entitlements as well as establishing meaningful and valuable connections globally. His strong leadership skills have always enabled him to motivate professionals and maximize all levels of productivity in all aspects of real estate.


After the real estate crash in 2008, Pieter concentrated on selling real estate while completing his design and proformas of his micro-living concept. It is at this time that he also completed the rigorous Contractors License course, successfully passing the highest level on his first attempt. His extensive knowledge, talent and experience in real estate development, construction and design are unique in a single individual.


Today, he and his wife, Ruchel Louis Coetzee,  live in Fort Lauderdale and are both very active in the community.
Pieter Coetzee. (B.Arch.)



“Paradise Found in Florida Living”


Development – Architecture – Real Estate – Construction.

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