Ligia Jamieson

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My Love of Real Estate started before I was born, when my parents (part-time developers of high-end apartment buildings) built their first apartment and gave it the same name they gave me: LIGI APT. (it still stands in a street in Nishantash, Istanbul, behind the old English High School for Boys on the way to the old American Hospital.) My family is Armenian, and from my grandfather I have inherited my love of numbers (he was a mathematician who spoke more languages than one can count on both hands!), from my mother I inherited my love of museums and poetry (she used to quote Verlaine, Hugo and Beaudelaire – an extension of her French education) and my father passed on his love of Real Estate and opera to me (Mom always said she fell in love with his voice first!)

My first property was a penthouse in the same neighborhood where my namesake building stands, but it was not until I bought the 50 acres of land in Washington State in 1978 that I got the bug! I have, since, loved buying and selling property

Represented the Keyes Co. Realtors on the International and Creative Industries Commissions of the Broward Alliance in 2008.
Past member of the Broward Resource League.
Served on the New World Symphony Community Board, 1988-1994.
Edited the South Florida Poetry Magazine 1983-1987.
One of the founders of WithIt, the first women’s association of the Home Furnishings Industry in the US.
Served on the Board of the Foundlings Club in Miami Beach run by Miami’s philanthropist son, Mickey Wolfson.
Was the first woman member of the all male Oriental Rug Importers Association. Presently serves on the Advisory Board of Regent Bank.