Inray Son

: 954-383-8484:

Born and raised in South Korea, InRay moved to Germany at the age of 19. She studied industrial design in Korea and communication design in Deutsch Meister Schule fuer Mode in Munich, giving her a skilled and discerning eye when it comes to different properties.. She lived in Frankfurt and Munich for over 10 years until she decided to move to Montreal, Canada and eventually to the USA.

While living in Germany as employed at the Sunkyong Group (“SK”), the third largest conglomerate in Korea, she developed her international trade skill with her admirable negotiation ability.
She also managed her own hotel and was always known for giving customers exactly what they want. Her great reputation and service kept people returning. Having lived in many different countries and being exposed to many more through her hotel InRay can relate to the needs of many different cultures and preferences.

InRay speaks Korean, German and English. She is hard working, friendly and always adapting to new ways. Committed to her customers she will find the perfect place for anyone and make sure your property is sold at a fair price.

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