Douglas Walker

: 954-918-4001:

I have been, and continue to be, a licensed South Carolina real estate broker since January 1989 with Dunes Properties of Charleston, Inc., including two brief alliances with development companies (one as a licensed FL broker, in Orlando, FL and the Bahamas, January ’04 to June ’05, and one in Charleston, SC August ’05 to November ’07) and included a brief stint as a Realty Specialist GS11 with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Savannah, GA June ’10 to August ’11.  I have continued working with Dunes Properties while commuting the last two years back and forth to West Hartford, CT (home since ’08 of my beautiful ex-wife Kiki and my four children

Jack (19 & freshman at Boston College), George (soon to be 18 and soon to be a freshman at UConn), Lucy (my Princessa, soon to be 17), and Harry Bromley Walker (a 65 year old man in a 15 year old body).

I am excited about being a licensed FL broker again, (since December ’13) and working with this new crew at Galleria and intend to specialize in working with developers and bringing multi family new developments exclusively into our inventory, while also focusing my general residential brokerage goals on the marine industry personnel and the high end luxury properties with water amenity values.

Thank you for the warm welcome I have received thus far from Michael and Patricia and the several agents and staff I’ve met at Galleria International Realty, my new professional home.